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RSO Oil Dosing – The 90-Day Consumption, Avoiding Dangerous Solvents, And More

Want to consume Rick Simpson Oil? Well, there are six ways to consume it, and only 4 of them are entirely safe.

RSO was introduced as a compelling product that can be applied topically to clean the cancerous spots on the skin.

But as time passed, people started to consume Rick Simpson Oil lingually and sublingually as well, placing 1/4th of a drop over or under the tongue.

So you have got topical, lingual, and sublingual consumption of RSO; that’s three ways of consuming the oil. But you can consume it by mixing it with food too. Now the rest of the two ways of consuming RSO is dabbing and smoking.

Dabbing is an extremely powerful way to consume RSO because of the two reasons majorly: (1) It has high THC levels, 60% to 90% approximately. And since you are dabbing it, THC’s intoxicating effects will immediately start taking place.

6th and the last way to consume RSO is smoking the oil, and that is a BIG NO NO! That’s because the substances that are parts of the oil naturally, such as lipids and Chlorophyll, will react. Hence, smoking Rick Simpson Oil is not a good idea – AT ALL!

With that being said, let’s move towards discussing ways to consume RSO, why you should consult a doctor before consuming the cannabis oil, how to consume RSO over the 90-day period, and lastly, should you dab Rick Simpson Oil?

Avoid Dangerous Solvents & Don’t Buy Cheap Cannabis Extracts – Make RSO At Home

Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis oil product. Since it’s a whole plant extract, it contains most components that are found in the Marijuana plant. But, it’s not the only extract left on the dispensary shelf, as you will find plenty of other extracts as well.

But don’t let plenty of extracts on the shelf trick you at all. That’s because a highly low-quality extract might be hiding behind stellar packaging. And if not, then the extract might have excessive concentrations of one cannabinoid.

So if you are looking at some nice-looking extracts sitting on the shelf, then you are probably up for wasting some good money. Consider saving it, buy all the ingredients to make one of your own, and get on track right away!

However, cheap extracts are not the only problem when it comes to consuming Rick Simpson Oil. For example, one of the most important things to consider when consuming Rick Simpson Oil is the quality of solvents as well.

Lately, people have been using dangerous solvents like Butane. Its inhalation can permanently cause brain damage due to asphyxia. And if not, Butane is also cardiotoxic. Well, let us simplify that for you, being cardiotoxic means that it can cause cardiac arrest.

Yes, that’s how dangerous Butane is. But people have been consuming Butane along with RSO, which is pretty dangerous.

Hence, it is crucial to learn how solvents work and, most importantly, what kind of solvents will suit you the most. But that information can only be known after consulting your doctor, which is something that we always recommend for multiple (and crucial) reasons.

Ways To Consume Rick Simpson Oil

There are many ways to consume Rick Simpson Oil. You can consume it without any additives, and you can also add it to your food as well. But, how much RSO should you consume at a time? Especially if you are beginning to consume it? Stay with us for the article’s length, as we will discuss the dosage and consumption amounts right after this discussion.

So as we were saying, Rick Simpson Oil is very flexible, which means that you can consume it by mixing it with food or placing a drop right on your tongue as well. You will find many fellow RSO consumers taking the oil lingually or sublingually as well, which is one of the most popular ways to consume RSO.

On the other hand, some people will use Rick Simpson Oil to apply it on their skin to beat cancerous spots. Well, we all know that RSO was popularized as a robust treatment for cleaning cancerous spots on the skin.

In addition to lingual, sublingual, and topical applications, some users are also inclined to smoke the extract. Well, this is where things change direction for the worse.

Rick Simpson Oil is an exhaustive extract because it already contains most of the components of the Marijuana plant. Now, if you burn it, most RSO components will cause adverse effects, such as Chlorophyll itself, because OFC it’s not meant to burn and smoke. Plus, the lipids present in the RSO will make it a lousy option for smoking.

Why Is It Important To Consult A Doctor Before Consuming Rick Simpson Oil?

Lastly, people also ask about dabbing Risk Simpson Oil. Yes, you can dab RSO but first of all, consider taking advice from a medical professional. And not just any medical professional, but preferably the one who is familiar with you. They know your history as a patient, and it is easy for them to look at you beyond the data at hand.

Their familiarity with you helps them make a well-informed decision that not only regards the existing scientific literature on the subject, but that decision is also made with respect to your condition in particular.

Here is one of the best examples that can help you understand what we just discussed. We all know that milk benefits bone health. So it’s a general statement, and there is a fair amount of data and studies that have proven milk’s efficiency in improving bone health.

So now imagine that you read research about it online and you want to strengthen your bones, so you start drinking milk every day, and out of nowhere, you start suffering from diarrhea. So, how did that happen?

It’s simple. You are lactose intolerant, just like 68 percent of the world. So what happened here exactly? Well, you made a decision based on the general data without paying attention to your personal medical condition and status that might make you an exception.

That is why we always emphasize consulting your doctor before consuming RSO. They will assess your personal medical condition and prescribe you treatments methods accordingly.

How To Consume Rick Simpson Oil?

A usual style or what you could call the traditional dosing style is 60 grams of RSO consumption over the 90-day period. But now you might think, “who said that? and why should I follow it?” Well, you are probably right. It’s not given that this consumption cycle will work well for everybody. Secondly, the dosage was recommended by the man, the myth, the legend Rick Simpson himself.

So, what are the measurements of consuming Risk Simpson Oil?

It’s half the rice grain size that should be taken three times a day with an eight-hour gap between each dose. The wisdom behind consuming such low levels of RSO is that your body needs to adapt to it. It’s highly intoxicating because it has higher THC levels.

Hence, your body needs to adapt to it first. And when your body gets in the position to handle that amount, you increase the dose to keep that Euphoria coming.

As per Rick Simpson’s recommendations, you should double your RSO dose every four days for the first five weeks of consumption. Doubling your dose prevents the body from building tolerance.

The effects of the oil may take up an hour to take place. However, you need to ensure as a consumer to play your part and avoid engaging in cognitive activities after consuming RSO. No matter what, you have to stay away from the steering wheel and other machinery as well. Just sit back, take a deep breath, a relax.

Now you might experience some side effects of consuming Risk Simpson Oil, including daytime sleepiness. However, people stop feeling it generally within three to four weeks of consumption.

Should You Dab Rick Simpon Oil?

Are you new to dabbing? Well, it is easy to rush to consume the latest and greatest thing that you heard about on the internet. But it’s until you take one hit, and that’s all you get to take.

What that means is that dabbing is hard, and there are multiple reasons why. First of all, think about the THC levels. The cannabis plant contains about 25%-30% THC levels. But when you dab, you are consuming THC anywhere between 60% to 90% range, which is double the amount you get from the plant itself.

So now, keep THC levels aside for a moment and focus on the dab itself. When you dab Rick Simpson Oil, all of its after-effects immediately start taking place. You don’t have to wait for an hour so you can start euphoriating. So now you have dabbed 90% THC levels in just one hit. To be honest, it can be pretty challenging for a beginner to handle dabbing RSO.

Hence, if you are a beginner and want to try dabbing, consider talking to your doctor. If they give you a green signal, then you can try dabbing with your friend sitting nearby. Yes, we all have got a friend who is an expert in rolling stuff; you have to be near that guy since he is an expert and more experienced.


Since Rick Simpson Oil rose to the heights of its fame, people started to consume it in various ways. Some of them are highly recommended, like lingual and sublingual consumption, oral ingestion, and topical application.

You may apply it topically to reduce any sports on your skin. But when it comes to oral administration of RSO, you should consider talking to a doctor first. That’s because it’s a developing field, and it will take time to clear up the facts.

So if your doctor allows you to consume Rick Simpson Oil and gives you a plan of consumption, a complete cycle, then stick to it with determination. Or you can ask them about the conventional 90-day consumption cycle.

And if your doctor has permitted you to consume RSO, then you can make it at home with the help of your friend, who’s an expert when it comes to dabbing, RSO, CBD, and stuff. And if you are inclined to pick the one sitting on the dispensary shelf, consider doing deep research, just as you would if you were to make it at home by yourself.


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