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Does CBD Oil Tighten Your Skin? Using CBD For Skincare

CBD is one of the two major compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. The other one is THC which is mainly responsible for the psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant. But when it comes to CBD, psychoactive effects are not that serious.

But, what role does CBD play in keeping your skin tight? What about the topical application? Are there any advantages of using CBD on your skin? OBVIOUSLY! First of all, CBD improves many skin diseases and conditions such as itching.

In addition to that, CBD also reduces skin inflammation which helps you look young. There are many benefits of introducing CBD into your skincare routine. And in this post, we are going to talk about the skincare benefits of CBD, how it benefits your body, and the number of ways to consume CBD.

However, we always remind our readers to have a word with their doctor before they rush to consume the latest and greatest thing that they have heard or read about on the internet. That way, you can minimize the risks involved.

Now without further ado, let’s dive into our discussion of the day – Does CBD oil tighten your skin?

How Does CBD Help In Aging & Keeping Your Skin Tight

Skin plays a crucial role in our appearance. Apart from maintaining your appearance, healthy skin helps you feel fresh as well. Healthy skin will protect you from bacteria and other foreign agents. But can CBD oil help your skin stay on track?

Yes, topical application of CBD oil can help your skin in many ways. But first of all, let’s clarify that CBD is derived from Marijuana and the hemp plant as well. What we are talking about is hemp-derived CBD because it has astounding benefits for the skin.

Hemp-derived CBD has stronger antioxidants than the ones you can find in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. When your body receives antioxidants, your skin repairs itself due to inflammation. Once the inflammation is reduced, antioxidants empower your skin to repair itself, whereby you can see the visible damages on your skin getting corrected.

Fighting inflammation is one of the core objectives of skincare, as skincare can’t be completely ensured without eliminating inflammation. A skin inflammation generally looks like a rash or blisters and pimples. Such skin damages affect your overall appearance. Plus, such skin damage does not let a person feel fresh.

CBD Helps Your Face Produce Oil

In addition to that, CBD also assists in the regulation of oil in your face.

But, let us explain that in a bit more detail. Your face has glands – called sebaceous glands. It’s a gland in your face that is responsible for producing oil.

So, what happens when you have dry skin? Simply, your sebaceous glands are not producing enough natural oils. At that point, your skin needs help with added hydration. Plus, you start to age. So if you want to look young but you aren’t, it’s time for some antioxidants!

Now CBD helps those oil glands in the production of oil. So as your face receives more oil, the fresher and younger you look, and the dryness of your skin goes away. However, consider talking to your doctor if you are thinking about oral consumption of CBD.

Some studies indicate that CBD interferes with the medication. That brings about unwanted outcomes. So it is better to talk to your doctor and let them assess your medical condition. It will help you reduce the risk.

How CBD Consumption Benefits Your Body

CBD and its effects on the human body is a subject that needs to be discovered more. It’s a developing field, and there is a lot to learn about CBD’s effects on the skin, lungs, and other crucial areas of the body.

The body has its own cannabinoid system that produces endocannabinoids (it’s a name for cannabinoids that are produced by the body). The ECS or Endocannabinoid System helps your body achieve and stay in a state of homeostasis.

Endocannabinoids are signaling molecules that assist in regulating mood, stress, immunity, and memory. One of its primary functions is dealing with stress and managing the secretion of hormones related to reproductive functions.

However, there is a catch. The Endocannabinoid system cannot suffice for itself all the time. Hence, a natural requirement to consume Cannabinoid is possible. And consuming it will probably reduce stress and assist in the regulation of hormones, mood, appetite, etc.

Hence, CBD has the potential to treat a number of complicated medical conditions, such as Insomnia. As per the Sleep Foundation Org, preliminary research indicates that CBD can assist with various sleep disorders, including Insomnia and REM sleep behavior disorder as well. In addition to that, CBD can help with daytime sleepiness disorder too.

There is no doubting the fact that CBD is very effective and reliable. It delivers an outstanding performance in improving complicated medical conditions. And it may be a knee-jerk reaction to rush and buy CBD for consumption after reading about the benefits that you have been looking to achieve through standard medical treatments.

But, you should remember that it is a developing field. Hence, there is much more to learn about CBD’s side effects, benefits, risks, and ideal dosage. So it is highly recommended that you should have a word with your doctor.

Looking at your medical condition and the nature of medication that you are taking at the moment, they will be able to tell you whether it’s safe to consume CBD or how much you should be consuming in order to reduce the side effects and avoid risks involved.

How To Safely Use CBD

There are five main ways to consume CBD, each serving a different purpose. Sublingual consumption, oral consumption, topical application, transdermal consumption, and inhalation. Let’s begin with the sublingual consumption.

You place CBD oil under your tongue in sublingual consumption. After placing it, you wait for a minute before swallowing the CBD oil. Taking CBD sublingually will help it bypass the liver and digestive system as well. Consequently, your body will be able to digest CBD more quickly. Similarly, using sprays and CBD tinctures will let you enjoy better bioavailability.

Wait… What is bioavailability? A drug can get digested or absorbed and utilized by the body. Better bioavailability means that CBD oil will be digested by your body more quickly than otherwise. Hence, you will start feeling desirable effects faster.

Now let’s talk about the second way of taking CBD oil, which is oral consumption. Did your doctor recommend you take CBD capsules? Or use CBD oil for cooking your food? If that is the case, your doctor wants you to consume CBD oil orally. It may take thirty to ninety minutes, or it may even take two hours before the effects start appearing. In addition to that, mixing CBD oil into eatables may affect absorption.

Using CBD Skincare Creams & Lotions Supply Antioxidants And Enhances Your Skin

But what about the topical application? Well, this is where CBD skin creams and lotions come into play. You can reap significant benefits by applying CBD topically, including reducing sharp and intense pain. Plus, researchers have also found that using CBD skin creams can help a person treat itchy sensations.

As we mentioned earlier, CBD has stronger Antioxidants than Vitamins C and E. That is why CBD is very effective in fighting inflammation and keeping your skin fresh.

So… Have you heard about CBD patches? That is transdermal application of CBD. You apply CBD patches to your skin, after which your skin gets penetrated, and CBD gets directly into the bloodstream. CBD patches serve as a quick route to feeling CBD’s effects as it gets into the bloodstream, saving digestion time, which may take about 30 minutes or so. However, Medical News says that CBD patches may be appropriate for localized pain, for example, elbow or knee pain.

Inhaling CBD… What does it look like? There are three main ways to inhale CBD. The first one is smoking, and it is dangerous. Well, now you might say that CBD does not cause the same effect on your body as smoking tobacco does. And that’s correct. But is that the only option you have? An equally logical argument could be put forth against smoking CBD as well.

Smoking, Vaping, & Dabbing CBD

That’s because vaping CBD is a much safer option than smoking CBD. So, how about vaping it? The third option you have when it comes to inhaling CBD is dabbing. Now, dabbing CBD is not different than dabbing other THC-loaded concentrates, says Yahoo.

You need a similar set of tools: a dab tool for placing the oil, a dab rig, and a butane torch to light things up.

However, if you are really up for some dabbing, here is what you need to know: Dabbing is a very potent way to inhale CBD or any other cannabis product for that matter. It’s so potent that you cannot even imagine – literally – if you haven’t tried it before.

So before you dab CBD, consider talking to your doctor first. They will assess you medically and inform you whether it is safe for you to dab it or not. And if they do give you a green signal, then you better have your friend sit nearby, and remember to keep your hands away from the tool as it will have a boiling temperature for sure!

A Few Words At The End…

People have been purchasing CBD oil to take care of their skin. But what makes CBD a robust choice for wholesome skincare? As we discussed before, it supplies your body with Antioxidants and thereby reduces inflammation.

But, that is not the only thing that CBD does when it comes to skincare. The topical application of CBD skincare creams and lotions can help you keep your skin tight and look young. Plus, CBD is effective and reliable in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

In addition to all those amazing benefits, CBD also kick starts your sebaceous glands, which helps your face produce more oil and stay hydrated. And do you know what’s even more fantastic about CBD skincare? You can do it daily! Yes! However, that applies generally, and you must consider talking to your doctor first.


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