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Hemp Oil Dosage Information Written by Rick Simpson

Cannabis-based products have been increasing in popularity because of the positive effects that they have shown for treating various ailments. For example, chronic pain, which does not have a known cure, is addressed to tremendous effect, thanks to the application of products that are based on CBD and THC.

Anxiety is another big one. Many persons suffer from anxitey and its associated symptoms. The consistent state of being on edge is both unhealthy and uncomfortable. The relaxation that cannabis-based treatments can provide has helped numerous persons with the management of their anxiety.

Note that the products made from the marijuana plants have different levels of concentration of CBD and THC. The composition of each is best on the kind of applications it is used in.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is one of the numerous products on the market that are made from the oil extract of marijuana plants. This product was created by Rick Simpson, who is known for his role as a medical marijuana activist. The creation of the products also assisted Rick in the treatment of his skin cancer and arthritis.

After doing this successfully and continuing his research, he came up with an optimal formula, based on hemp oil extract, which was then mass-produced. The difference between Rick Simpson Oil and a lot of the others on the market is the high THC content it has in comparison to them.

Note that while CBD does not have any psychoactive effect, THC is on the other side of the spectrum. When persons use marijuana, the high that they get is directly associated with THC. This potential side effect is the reason that products made with over 0.3% Of THC are not allowed to be sold by mainstream sources. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on some Rick Simpson Oil, the chances are that you need to visit a marijuana dispensary are use a trusted online source.

While Rick Simpson Oil is commercially available, the creator did not come up with the concept for profit. In fact, after treating himself and beginning to mass-produce the oil, his only objective was to allow cancer patients to access his creation for free. Of course, these were patients who were unable to afford the treatment.

Additionally, he released his ingredient list and preparation method, and he encourages persons to make their own batches of Rick Simpson oil for their treatment needs. Not everyone is willing to get hands-on with this, and if you fall into this category, feel free to purchase it from the sources available.

Hemp Oil Dosage Information

Apart from making his formula and preparation method public knowledge, Rick Simpson took it a step further. There was no way that people would be able to tell right off the bat how often they were to use his hemp oil product, or how much was to be used at each interval.

Therefore, you can refer to the widely available hemp oil dosage information written by Rick Simpson. After all, who would know more about the optimal use of our product than its creator?

The first point to note is that you should always consult your physician before starting to take any compound for medical benefits. Unfortunately, this may not go your way, as cannabis-based treatment is not an avenue that is readily explored by all doctors.

The dosage information here is best on both the body’s needs and the preparation method. Bear in mind that the substance has a high THC concentration, so it is essential that the dosage aspect is not overdone.

Based on Rick’s recommendations, the idea is to use 90 days for the progressive consumption of a full 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil. Note the use of the word progressive, which means that your dosage amount is not fixed through the entire process.

First, there is week one. During this week, it is recommended that you take three doses daily. Doses are to be taken once every eight hours. The first dose is no more than a 1/4 drop. According to Rick, your doses at this point should look like half a grain of rice.

After completing week one, things begin to pick up in weeks two through five. When you get to Week two, your dose is to be doubled every four days. The idea is to get to the point where you can take a full gram of the product. Typically, this happens in week five.

The next step takes from week five and ends at week 12. At this point, you should be taking a whole gram of the substance daily. Do this until the full 60 grams have been completely consumed. By the time you get to this point, your dosage begins to look like eight or nine drops of RSO that are similar in size to a grain of rice. These drops are taken every eight hours.

RSOs taste is not the most pleasant thing in the world. In fact, you may find it to be very bitter. Therefore, you may want to try mixing it with more tasty foods to hide the bitterness. If you don’t need or wish to do this, you can ingest the oil directly.


While Rick Simpson Oil is mainly used for applications of cancer, pain, and anxiety, there are other ailments that can benefit from your using of the product. For example, asthma, inflammation, and multiple sclerosis can all potentially be treated by RSO.

Remember also that the source of the product is THC. Therefore, the oil retains the medicinal properties of the compound, and it can be used to treat various health conditions, such as eating disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can do your independent research to gain an understanding of the full list of treatable conditions. As a rule of thumb, however, Rick Simpson Oil tends to be a viable treatment alternative for just about any ailment that THC covers.


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