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Rick Simpson Oil Price: How Much Does RSO Cost in California?

Rick Simpson Oil is a well-known brand that is available legally in many countries. Because of its medical application as a therapeutic, the RSO is available in different forms as oil, capsules, balm, and more from various producers and suppliers. Here, what may vary is the RSO Oil price. Here, in this blog, Rick Simpson Oil California shares with you major information on the cost of RSO oil and factors determining Rick Simpson Oil Price per gram.


Rick Simpson Oil Price: How Much Does RSO Cost in California?

Even though RSO has been completely legalized in California, there is no fixed price for RSO oil. This varies mostly depending on the manufacturer and suppliers. When considering licensed suppliers who offer laboratory-tested RSO oil that meets industry standards, the price will be usually more than $50. But, there are numerous fake RSO oil brands available in the market, offering RSO at cheaper pricing. We will never recommend you for purchasing those low-cost RSO oils available. Because, with our experience, we can tell you that, no good quality RSO products with proper THC and CBD concentration can be manufactured so easily and this needs a huge investment.

The Birth of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is one of the best-unexpected discoveries to have ever happened. The man who would eventually come to be known as the creator of the breakthrough substance was your average employee in 1997. At the time, Simpson was employed as an engineer at a Canadian hospital. Unfortunately, his job required him to deal closely with asbestos in the boiler room. The fact that the said boiler room was not adequately ventilated did not make things any better.

One day, as Simpson was attempting to use aerosol glue the cover asbestos-ridden pipes, he went through an unfortunate nervous system shock, thanks to the toxicity of the substances and the ventilation issues. He ended up falling off his ladder, hitting his head, and going unconscious.

Upon awakening, he managed to pull himself together well enough to reach out to his coworkers and he had them take him to get medical attention.

Unfortunately, the effects of the accident were long-lasting, and not even the medicine that he was prescribed helped him with his symptoms. In fact, he was led to believe that his medication was not doing much more than worsening his condition.

Simpson became intrigued by the concept of medical marijuana based on a documentary he viewed that spoke to its merit. As many people do, he discussed this potential treatment with his doctor at the time. The doctor was not about to bring cannabis into the treatment plan, and so Simpson decided to acquire it and experiment on his own.

The outcome was a positive one, as he began to see tremendous improvement in the symptoms that he displayed. When 2003 came around, three bumps showed up on one of Rick’s arms. Sadly, it just so happened that he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.

This was a turning point for Simpson, considering that he had successfully administered treatment for his symptoms in the past. While considering the use of cannabis for his problem, he got wind of some useful information. A Journal titled “Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids” came into the picture. This Journal, which was the result of a study undertaken by the National Cancer Institute, revealed that THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, successfully killed the cancer cells in mice.

This was all Rick needed to know, as he made the resolve to use a topical THC treatment for his condition. To this end, he got a bandage and layered it with a concentrated solution of cannabis oil. He then used it to cover his cancerous growths for four days.

On day four, Simpson removed his bandages, and he confirmed his theory at the same time. The bumps were gone, and Rick’s belief in cannabis as a suitable medicinal alternative was born.

This was the beginning of RSO oil, which is a special kind of cannabis concentrate. Simpson managed to mass-produce it by cultivating his own plants for the extraction process. He did this to distribute his RSO oil on a mission that was a testament to his high moral fiber. All he wanted to do was to allow people who needed his product to access it for free.

Rick Simpson Oil Treatment

With the RSO oil, Simpson assisted in the successful treatment of over 5000 people. Sadly, there were negative aspects to his journey as well, as he had to deal with raids, arrests, and prosecution. This story has a happy ending, however, since Rick managed to overcome the odds.

Today, RSO oil is a highly sought-after substance by those who understand its medicinal properties. Rick didn’t hog his information either, so the ingredients and process for creating the oil are widely available. Therefore, RSO oil is now on sale, and you can acquire it from several different vendors if you so desire. The question is, how much should you be prepared to spend if you wish to get your hands on this incredible substance?

rso oil price

RSO Oil Cost – Rick Simpson Oil Price Per Gram

There are many factors that affect the cost of RSO Oil. Mostly, the amount that you spend depends on the vendor that you purchase the oil from and the authenticity of the said substance. There are several different ways to extract oil from cannabis plants, and the parts of the plant that are used also have a role to play in the process. For example, while leaves and stems can primarily be used for the creation of other cannabis oil variants, the RSO oil creation formula requires that female cannabis plant buds are used. This is something that you can inquire about to validate authenticity.

The next point is the extraction method that is used. There is a designated RSO method for extraction, which preserves plant fats and waxes, as well as chlorophyll. When done right, the oil can have a potency that is as high as 90+%. Any poor-quality RSO oil yields a much lower potency percentage, such as 40%. Lab testing is supposed to be done on this product, which reveals the purity of the process and the contents of the finished product.

The extraction solvent is the final point of consideration in RSO Oil price since only organic ones such as specific alcohol should be used. The use of others not only affects the integrity of the finished product, but it also presents a cause for concern about toxicity to humans. Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to discuss the price.

How Much Does RSO Cost in California?

In order to answer how much does RSO costs, you should remember that the product is typically provided in gram units. Depending on the storefront that you choose, you could pay anywhere from $80 to $140 per gram. This is the standard cost for cannabis oil formulas that are exclusively based on flowers or buds.

There are many stores that claim to provide authentic alright RSO oil, but the product offered does not meet the stipulated requirements. You may find that various elements from the authenticity pool are missing, and you may also find that the RSO Oil price for this substance falls way below the lower boundary established above. While there is some wiggle room for close prices, you should never see a price for authentic Rick Simpson oil for costs, such as $30 per gram.

That said, we are sure the ones to patronize if you want to buy rick Simpson oil in California.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the factors contributing to the RSO Oil Prices in California?

From the customer’s point of view, the RSO oil price will vary depending on the vendor or store they buy from. But actually, what affects the price is the quality and the concentration of THC. For producing the best-quality RSO, what it should consider are the selected cannabis buds, extraction method, and extraction solvent.

2. Why is Rick Simpson Oil expensive in California?

The greater the THC concentration, the higher will be the RSO oil price. To produce premium quality RSO oil, the THC concentration needs to be more than 70%. It is really difficult to find cannabis buds containing this much THC concentration and this is why RSO oil costs more than other cannabis oil.

3. How to find authentic RSO oil products at the best price?

The quality of RSO oil can be tested only in the laboratory and for individuals, there are no other options available. Experts can analyze the RSO quality by looking at the appearances, but it doesn’t tell the exact THC and CBD concentrations. So, when making an RSO oil purchase, always choose licensed vendors and make sure that they have tested the RSO oil in the laboratory.



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