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RSO Vs. Tincture: What Would You Choose?

So, which one are you going for? Rick Simpson Oil or Tincture?

Well, it can get confusing for people sometimes. And no wonder, as there are many things to put up with.

First of all, you would think about the psychoactive effects on both sides. And since RSO is extracted from Cannabis, you would think it is more potent than a tincture.

Well, it’s a fact that Rick Simpson Oil is more potent than a tincture.

But, it’s also a fact that THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol plays the leading role behind the intoxicating effects. And that too can be found in a tincture.

Well, stop worrying. We get it. It is a little confusing. But we are here to break it down for you.

Read all the details step-by-step as we cover three significant differences between Rick Simpson Oil and Tinctures, how they are made, the taste, the psychoactive effects, and THC & THCA.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and see how they can compare in a toe-to-toe manner.

3 Differences Between RSO Vs. Tincture

  1. Rick Simpson Oil is much stronger than Tinctures.
  2. RSO’s effects usually occur in one hour, whereas Tinctures’ effects occur within a minute.
  3. Rick Simpson Oil is a THC-concentrated product, whereas Tinctures are made by soaking herbs in vinegar or alcohol.

Rick Simpson Oil is much stronger than Tinctures.

Rick Simpson Oil is extracted from Cannabis. Now, there is something worth understanding here. RSO contains high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s a chemical that is responsible for the intoxicating effects of Cannabis. Hence, it’s highly psychoactive, and its consumption for beginners starts at significantly lower levels. Take 1/4th of a drop or half a grain of rice. Even at this rate, its effects begin to occur in one hour of consumption.

On the other hand, Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts. Now, the extract is made by soaking one of the following components.

  1. Leaves.
  2. Roots.
  3. Berries.

Then, they are soaked in either vinegar or alcohol to eliminate all the active ingredients.

There are certain benefits of consuming Tinctures. And we can talk about them, even though anecdotal claims back such treatments. First of all, it is easy cost-effective to make tinctures. Plus, all you are doing is consuming natural chemicals extracted in the way we talked about earlier.

However, be sure to consult a doctor or a medical health professional before you consume RSO or Tinctures. Consume as per the prescribed quantity.

RSO VS Tincture Psychoactive Effects

It takes one hour for RSO effects to take place. So, a reasonable consumption cycle is set to a few droplets every 8 hours. Overall, the consumption takes place at about 60 ml quantity over 90 days. However, avoid performing cognitive activities such as riding, using tools, or making food once you take it. It’s best to stay away because the psychoactive effects of Rick Simpson Oil can be powerful., even with a small dosage.

Tinctures don’t make you ‘high,’ so to say. However, things can get different if you consume THC tinctures. But, things don’t end there. You can take the acidic precursor to Tetrahydrocannabinol which is THCA. It keeps you from getting high and reaping the benefits of THCA consumption simultaneously.

RSO VS Tinctures: The Difference Of Taste.

Rick Simpson Oil has a solid and earthy taste. That is something you would naturally expect from plant oil. However, the good news is that you don’t have to withstand the taste for a long time. That’s because the Rick Simpson Oil’s droplets are placed under your tongue. However, with tinctures, you can keep that joy.

Now, when it comes to tinctures, you can enjoy a nice flavor, and the credit goes to the added flavor. Consequently, you can enjoy mixing with a broad range of foods and beverages without risking the overall taste. So, tinctures are easier to consume than Rick Simpson Oil, as far as taste is concerned.


Conclusively, Rick Simpson Oil is more powerful than a tincture. It also has an earthy taste. But since you have to place a few drops, 1/4th of a drop if you are a beginner, it will not be that hard to withstand its “earthy” taste.

On the other hand, Tinctures are a fun and colorful medicine, mainly due to their flavor. You can add it to a broad range of foods and enjoy the taste, enhanced perhaps. Also, it is not as strong as RSO usually, unless there is a mix of THC in it.

Lastly, however, it should be noted that you are not supposed to take either one of those without consulting a medical expert.

Yes, we get it that you can find multiple resources online that may encourage you to consume such products in a controlled manner. There’s no hard & fast need for consultations.

We, however, strongly disagree. First of all, not everyone has the same tolerance level to Cannabis. Secondly, consumption may vary depending upon an individual’s height, weight, and other similar particulars.

Therefore, consult a medical health professional and consume prescribed amounts calculated according to your essential particulars.


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