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Rick Simpson Oil for Insomnia

Why Cannabis Oil is an Insomniac's Best Friend

 Insomnia patients recurrently report their failure to better their situation using over-the-counter sleep aid such as unisome, ZzzQuil, melatonin, Kirkland, etc. They are left with hangovers following chemically-aided sleep and hazardous side effects. It is also not long until they start building up a tolerance, making the pill lose its effectiveness and forcing them to move on to a new pill. There are even more dangerous substances insomnia patients are usually subscribed, such as Ambien, which is associated with sometimes scary incidents that a number of patients have testified to. Patients using Ambien have reported stories like ordering items online while on the pill with a recorded memory for it, and not realizing they did so until they receive the packages, as well as stories of them attempting to drive their cars without remembering anything about the incident only to be stopped by a family member before proceeding. They also report feeling really tired the next day, at times feeling like they had not slept at all. There is a study reported by Dr. Rachna Patel, an expert on the uses of medical marijuana.

 The study was made using dronabinol, which is a man-made version of THC. Dronabinol is approved by the FDA to help reduce nausea and vomiting for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The study sample was 17 adults diagnosed with sleep apnea, whose numbers of pauses in breathing were measured during their sleep. These pauses lasted anywhere from seconds to minutes and they occurred pretty often, up to 30 or more times in the span of one hour. When the patient went back to breathing, they would make snorting or choking sounds. These pauses in breathing are the reason behind the disruption of a sleep cycle, and because they take a person from a state of deep sleep to light sleep, they would cause them to feel very unrested after waking up and throughout the whole day. When the study was completed, the researchers found a substantial reduction in the number of pauses in breathing, reaching up to 32%, in 15 of the 17 patients. None of the patients reported suffering any adverse side effects from the use of dronabinol. Patients reported being able to fall asleep more easily using medical marijuana, and they were able to stay asleep for longer time intervals during the night, averaging 7-8 hours of sleep per night. They also didn't have the usual groggy feeling the next morning.

 HC being the main element in marijuana to help sleep for insomniac patients, it is mportant to know which strains work best for that condition. Indica strains end to create a “body stone" effect, which makes them very effective s a sleep aid. Insomnia patients tend to experience much higher ease with alling asleep and staying asleep while using Indica cannabis or at least ndica-dominant hybrids. That is why the hemp oil recipe recommended by Rick impson is associated with sleepiness and a higher ability to relax since he lways recommends the use of pure Indica strains. As this increase in sleep erves as part of the healing process for cancer, arthritis, and the various ther diseases the oil helps cure, it was also reported by many insomnia atients to have helped them better their sleeping patterns by massive degrees.

 Rick Simpson Oil ( Full Extract Cannabis Oil ) is a great alternative to any pharmaceutical sleep medication. A dose the size of a grain of rice will give you the best night's rest ever.

Is Cannabis and RSO oil Safe for Treating Insomnia?

The short answer to this question is yes. Studies have shown that cannabis and RSO oil are safe for treating insomnia, and the research supports its efficacy. With no known side effects, it is a safe option for those seeking relief from their sleeping troubles. It also helps to reduce the risk of addiction, as many sleeping medications can be habit-forming. So for those looking for an alternate solution to their insomnia problems, cannabis and RSO oil might be a good option.

RSO dose for sleep

When it comes to the dose of RSO for sleep, it will depend on the individual, their needs and tolerance level. Generally speaking, the recommended dose of RSO for beginners is about half a grain of rice every eight hours1. This dose can be gradually increased over time until the desired effects are achieved. 

It is important to take the time to understand how RSO affects your body, and develop a dose that will work best for you. 

Overall, Rick Simpson Oil is an effective treatment for insomnia, and its effects can be seen in a matter of minutes. It is a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical sleep medications, and it has been proven to reduce the number of breathing pauses during sleep.

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