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Rick Simpson Oil Treats Little Girl’s Brain Cancer

Maia, age 4, is deemed beyond treatment and successfully stops growth of brain cancer with the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol.

Her Amazing RSO Cancer Story.

When Maia was 4 years old she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She had surgery, but as a result she could not move her arm or her left leg. The cancer had spread to her spinal cord fluid. She could not sleep or eat, and her health started to rapidly decline.

Her doctors explained that any further chemo would be fatal and that the they had exhausted all of their resources. The family was told to prepare for the worst.

Without any further options from the doctors, Maia’s uncle did some research and discovered the Rick Simpson Oil protocol. Within one year, and without further medical treatment, the oil has drastically changed Maia’s life. Her latest MRI’s have shown no cancer tumor growths, her headaches have gone away, and she has begun to sleep again.

The doctors were totally surprised by the improvement to her health.

One doctor expressed, “This is impossible! What is happening? It should have spread everywhere by now!”

Maia takes Rick Simpson Oil at night before she goes to bed in a capsule suppository form. It helps her sleep throughout the night, without waking up even once.

Today Maia is 8 years old and she lives a normal life.

She is able to go to school and play with her classmates. She is a ballerina. Most importantly, she can enjoy her life without chemotherapy. She still has slight difficulty moving her arm and her leg, but this is a result of a previous brain surgery in which her doctors had to remove a part of her brain.

To this day, Maia’s family believes that if it were not for that surgery, her arm and leg would be fine. Aside from this, Maia is happy, playful, and full of energy, just like other children her age.

Maia’s family has had the opportunity to compare Rick Simpson Oil with other similar products, and the differences are drastically apparent.

Maia herself notices the difference in the quality and the immediate effect on the way she is feeling, having tried other CBD oil products. Her caretakers have noted the difference in attitude of the suppliers of the Rick Simpson Oil protocol – administered with considerably greater care than your average dispensary staff member.

Rick Simpson Oil has transformed Maia’s life, and her uncle Felipe is adamant that in comparison to other similar pharmaceuticals provided in dispensaries, RSO is higher in viscosity, concentration, and quality, and the oil provides more apparent significant results. He explains that Maia notices a difference as soon as she takes it. Because of the strong results, Maia’s family is a proponent of alternative medicine, and increasingly suspicious of big pharmaceutical companies. They are satisfied by the personal service offered by RSO providers, and the advice offered by their team of experts.

“I think the dispensaries are more into making money, rather than helping people.”

-Felipe (Maia’s Uncle)

However, Maia’s family also recognizes that new alternatives must be de-stigmatized. They will continue to recommend RSO Protocol to everyone they know.

“I believe people should know about alternative medicine; I really believe in it.”

-Felipe (Maia’s Uncle)

Going forward, Maia will continue to follow the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol to keep her cancer tumor dormant and to continue on her road to recovery. RSO has given Maia the gift of life, and that quality of life is better than her family could have ever imagined.

To learn more about the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol, contact us: 323-422-2738 or visit Rick Simpson Oil for sale.

*Disclaimer the results of this patient does not guarantee you will have the same outcome, results will vary.


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