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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) For Nerve Pain – Remedy in 2023

Have you ever thought of using RSO for nerve pain relief? It has been proved that Rick Simpson oil can help with pain management without any significant side effects.

Pain management has been one of the fundamental needs of people around the world for some time. While everyone is likely to experience various mild forms of pain throughout life, chronic pain is the type that is being spoken to here. The difference is like night and day. Normal pain tends to be the result of an injury or a similar occurrence.

When these things happen, there are pain signals sent to your brain through the receptors in your body. This is a natural bodily function, and it is also a testament to the fact that your nervous system is working in the way that it should.

As time passes, however, injuries and other such occurrences heal progressively. This means that the pain experienced gradually becomes less of a concern as it begins to go away. Once that injury has healed, the experience that the person has been having with the pain becomes a thing of the past.

Chronic nerve pain, however, is a different kettle of fish entirely. This kind of pain affects your quality of life for a long time. Even if it is injury-related, you are likely to experience the agonizing effect long after that injury has healed. This is because the receptors in your body continue to send pain signals to your brain for an extended period. Note that pain only becomes labelled as chronic when it begins to last up to a period that exceeds 11 weeks. There is no separation based on the type or sharpness of the pain, once it passes the established threshold.

You are likely to find that at the chronic stage, various routine tasks that people perform become a problem.

Multiple facets of life, such as your endurance, flexibility, strength, and mobility, are affected negatively, and so various daily activities begin to become a chore.


What Makes the Physiological Difference?

As indicated before, both pain types can be the result of the same kind of initial problem, such as an injury. So, the question here is, why is it that some of these injuries heal progressively in a short window of time while others become a more extensive problem?

The answer to this question falls within the state of your nerves. It is believed that the prolonged effect associated with chronic pain from an injury is linked to nerve damage in your body. Once your nerves become compromised in this manner, the kind of signals that are sent to your brain fall outside the confines of normalcy. This results in a pain spell that is both more intense and long-lasting.

This is the reason that even when the problem is treated, the pain sticks around.

Fixing the physical damage to a body part does not necessarily mean that damaged nerves are repaired. Note that this is not a blanket statement for all forms of chronic pain. Some of the people who experience this issue did not go through any injury.

In such cases, the pain is caused by anomalies in body parts and systems. Examples of conditions that result in chronic pain are interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) For Nerve Pain

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for chronic pain in medicinal practice. This is the reason that doctors tend to treat the issue in patients by using a long-term treatment plan that increases mobility while reducing pain.

The idea is to return patients to as healthy a life as possible with minimal to no discomfort in their daily activities.

Though medical practice does not establish any definitive substance for pain management, people have found that implementing cannabinoid substances have long-lasting positive effects in treating chronic pain. These cannabinoids are compounds that occur naturally in cannabis.

The main types, though there are others, are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. These are more affectionately known as CBD and THC, respectively. While both have tremendous medical benefits, THC is known for the high that it gives people when used. This compound is the one that causes persons to become ‘stoned’ when they smoke cannabis. Note that there are also human-made sources of THC and CBD that mimic the cannabis plant’s effects.

Products based on cannabis, such as Rick Simpson Oil, are used in various treatment applications. While Rick Simpson Oil is more commonly known for its benefits for patients who are battling cancer, that is not the only potential use.

You can take Rick Simpson Oil for pain, and the resultant effects are out of this world. It works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is the site of numerous pain receptors that are attached to your cells. They receive various signals, such as those that indicate pain.

When you use RSO for pain, it interacts with these receptors in the ECS, and it begins to restore them to a state of normalcy. Additionally, there are various anti-inflammatory effects that are synonymous with using Rick Simpson Oil for pain. One of the main reasons that certain body parts consistently put people in a state of agony is inflammation. So naturally, when this is reduced, the improvement is undeniable.

THC Concerns and Purchase

This is where things get tricky with Rick Simpson Oil. As stated before, two of the leading cannabis components are CBD and THC. Cannabis-based products tend to be defined by the proportions of the two substances. Some are high in CBD, while others, such as Rick Simpson Oil, are higher in THC. This means that your treatment could come with a high feeling.

This is the reason that products with over 0.3% THC cannot be publicly sold. Rick Simpson Oil falls into this category, which means that obtaining it is not the most straightforward task. Your only options are to use a medical marijuana dispensary or to purchase the item from a reputable online source. The purchase is one that is worth it, and many people who have made the said purchase before you have no regrets about obtaining and using Rick Simpson Oil for pain.


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