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Rick Simpson Oil And Edibles

There has been a quiet buzz around the consumption of Rick Simpson Oil lately.

Multiple resources have repeatedly highlighted the absence of scientific data that supports the use of RSO. It further highlights the higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol that Rick Simpson Oil contains. The problem is that Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is why cannabis has intoxicating effects. That’s why it is highly psychoactive and remains banned throughout the United States of America.

However, it can’t stop the cult-like following of Rick Simpson Oil that wants to legalize it. They also have strict anecdotal claims to support their argument. However, there is a research paper from 2013 as well. It suggests that the use of RSO on a 14-year-old cancer patient effectively suppressed cancer. We have talked about it in our earlier post as well.

Now, the one-on-one contest of these arguments has ignited the spark of controversy about its legality, medical advantages, and its competency to become a viable treatment to fight cancer.

Hence, a considerable population believes in the potential of RSO as a viable treatment.

But, can you consume it like every other medicine? Or, should you consume it like every other oil?

Well, let’s dive into the details!

RSO Edibles

Rick Simpson Oil edibles mean that you can orally consume the oil by adding it to foods and drinks.

For example, you can add it to your tea, coffee, or similar beverage. However, be careful about the prescribed consumption amount.

One of the most amazing things about Rick Simpson Oil is that you can add it to a wide variety of edibles that you consume daily.

However, choosing highly flavored dishes is an excellent idea to consume RSO because it has a very strong flavor. Some may define it as earthy and perhaps unpleasant as well.

Hence, you can add it to mushroom dishes and spicy hummus. Or if you want to go to the sweeter side, then you can add the oil to stuff like dark chocolates and desserts.

Week-By-Week Consumption Of Rick Simpson Oil

Before we begin discussing how to consume Rick Simpson Oil, here are a few points to be taken care of:

Consider your age, weight, and tolerance to marijuana.

Consult an authority on the subject and get clear guidelines.

RSO is highly psychoactive. Hence, in the beginning, consuming lower levels was the only appropriate option.

That being said, let’s now discuss the brief timeline/course of Rick Simpson Oil consumption.


Start by consuming as little as half of a rice’s grain. Or, you can take 1/4th of a drop. So, you will be consuming the oil in the morning and the afternoon, especially one hour before you go to bed.

So, you will be consuming a single dose every 8 hours.

Week#2 to Week#5:

People usually find themselves able to increase dosage amounts after one week of consumption.

But, it would be best if you talk to a health professional before you start consuming RSO in higher quantities.

And if your body is urging for more consumption, don’t worry. There’s nothing unusual about it. That’s because the need for RSO consumption increases over time.

Week#5 to Week#12:

This is going to be the high point of consumption. Since your body is now getting familiar with Rick Simpson oil, you will naturally feel the urge to consume more. People will usually consume 1 ml RSO at this stage.

Why Should You Use Rick Simpson Oil?

Medical studies and findings on Rick Simpson Oil are minimal. It seems like professionals from the medical field do not want to entertain it unless the controversy regarding its legal status is not solved.

However, it has no impact on the vast majority of anecdotal claims that are chanting in its favor.

So, RSO is said to have a significant impact on cancerous spots on the skin since this is the debut achievement that RSO is said to have under its belt.

Secondly, Rick Simpson Oil is also claimed to suppress cancer and other deadly diseases as well.

However, stay very careful when it comes to the consumption of oil. That’s because RSO is is highly psychoactive due to higher levels of THC.

Ways To Consume Rick Simpson Oil


You can sublingually consume Rick Simpson Oil, which means that you can place 1/4th of a drop or multiple drops of RSO under your tongue, depending upon your consumption needs.

Oral ingestion.

There are fun ways to ingest the Rick Simpson Oil orally. Such as mixing it with your favorite ice cream or your preferable flavor base.

Topical application.

Apply RSO to the affected areas of your skin. After application, cover the area with a bandage.


Rick Simpson Oil is reported to have a considerable impact on treating various diseases and challenging medical conditions.

Moreover, you can also find various tips, measurements, and consumption routines for RSO.

However, it is preferable to talk to an expert. Get their advice on how you should consume it.

They will personally assess your tolerance to marijuana, age, weight, and other crucial factors as well.

Once the analysis is performed, you will get an authentic consumption routine that is according to your needs.


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