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Hemp Oil Treatment: A Guide to Safe Dosing

As we examine the dosage requirements for someone who is just beginning to take up hemp oil treatment, there are a few ground rules that need to be established. First off, while hemp oil is perfectly safe to consume especially when the strains used are Indica strains, it is still advised to start off with minimal doses and then build up from there in order to stay within the no-high zone as your body accumulates tolerance. The degree of tolerance we’re talking about has very little to do with the size or body weight of the patient, for a child can pretty much consume the same dosage of oil as that of an adult. However, to make the tolerance-building process take place gradually, it is better to break down the 60 gram or 60 ml oil treatment to a 90 days program. It is suggested that the initial dose is the size of a half a grain of short-grained dry rice (1/4 of a drop) taken three times per day. These three daily doses can be separated by time intervals of 8 hours, beginning with a dose early in the morning, then one in the afternoon, then the final dose being about an hour to bedtime. The patient has to be aware of the fact that a dose’s effects usually do not make themselves felt before one hour from the intake.

After four days of this routine, it is usually time to up the doses by double, which could be done every four days from that point until the treatment is over. It commonly takes the patient between 3 and 5 weeks to be able to ingest 1 gram or 1 ml per day (8-9 drops every 8 hours). This dosage could be maintained up until the medical condition is brought to a halt without a need for increasing the doses. There are people who are able to ingest even more than that. Once the body gets used to its doses, ingesting the oil could even get quite enjoyable without necessarily getting any “high” feelings. Some hemp oil patients have even reported ingesting the full 60-gram treatment within one month, and many of them claim to have become completely cancer-free after that period.

It is completely fine to feel sleepy after the effects of the dose start kicking in, and it is recommended not to resist the sleepiness that likely to be experienced after each dose during the first month of the treatment since resting is part of the healing process. Usually, the tiredness starts to gradually fade away after the first month of treatment leaving only relaxing levels of sleepiness, and in case it does not it is perfectly safe to play around with the dosage until you find the dose you are most comfortable with.

In case you are using the oil treatment while already using prescribed medication, you are very likely to stop needing the medication at some early point in your treatment, where the oil would be completely sufficient. In some cases, it will actually be necessary that you start laying off the pills you are taking, as with blood pressure pills, since the hemp oil itself will be lowering your blood pressure, and at some point, its effect combined with that of the medication might lead your blood pressure to uncomfortable low levels. If a patient’s blood pressure is already low, then drinking some water after ingesting the oil is reported to be of help, and of course, the doses can be altered as is most comfortable with the patient’s blood pressure levels. Also for diabetes, the need for insulin is most likely to be diminished to a point where the patient can dispose of its use altogether, and that goes for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes alike. Not only does it tend to reduce the need for the medication, but you will find that hemp oil treatment will start helping the body recover from the damages already caused to it by the disease. Also, in case the prescribed medications are addictive in nature, the oil treatment helps substantially in easing the withdrawal symptoms as the patient starts to lay off these medications.

After the full treatment has been finished, most patients tend to keep taking the oil, but at that point, the doses are just needed to maintain the effects of the treatment so they are much smaller. The usual maintenance dose is 1 or 2 drops per night, which over the course of the month amounts to a maximum of 2 grams. It is only advised to use higher dosages in cases similar to stage 4 cancer or other life-threatening conditions when bringing the disease under immediate control is a matter of life or death.

When it comes to the intake method, oral ingestion is the most recommended one. Usually simply swallowing the oil dose would do the trick, which could be eased by perhaps covering with bread and washing it down with water, or spreading it between two slices of fruit, in order to avoid the oil’s strong taste. However, it could be advised for cases of gum infections or conditions of a similar nature that the dose is placed in the patient’s mouth for a while. Otherwise, it is recommended to get the dose into the patient’s body in the way that they find simplest and easiest. Empty gelatin capsules are a great way to ingest it. Given that the oil is best to be placed as close as possible to the medical problem being treated, using suppositories could be a good idea for those suffering bowel or prostate cancer. For those who are willing to use suppositories, it is important to spend some time and effort at first to determine the right dosage. A substance such as coconut oil is used, and after applying heat to it is mixed with the oil and then filled into the suppository molds that you can find at any drug store. It is advised to leave the molds in the refrigerator for a while to let the substance harden up before using it. However, in general, simple ingestion also gives the intended results and will help avoid the unnecessarily time-consuming process of using suppositories.

Suppositories are great beacause you don’t get high and you absorb 50-70% of the THC, compared to taking it orally , you are only getting about 10-20% of the THC in your system. So if you are at stage 4 and you do not have the time to work up to taking a gram a day orally then suppositories is the way for you to go. But remember to ingest at least the size of a grain of rice at night if you are doing the suppositories because cancer likes to motastosize to the liver and when you take it as a suppository you are bypassing the liver. So make sure to take a little orally to protect it.

The diet being followed by a patient can complement the oil treatment, and in that light, it is most recommended to reduce animal proteins as much as possible since these proteins tend to help cancer cells grow. A diet consisting in the main part of raw vegetables and fruits, whether eaten or drank as a juice, would work perfectly to enhance the results of the hemp oil treatment. Please be sure to look into the Gerson diet to support you on your path back to proper health.


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