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Does RSO Oil Help To Solve Liver Damage?

It is undeniable that Rick Simpson Oil has the spotlight when it comes to treating various diseases.

Its effectiveness against skin cancer and other various forms of diseases has made it a go-to medication for people in general.

Now, medical experts may have much to say on the subject, and we will cover one of them in our post today. Their take on consuming cannabinoid products to treat liver conditions is that people should remain very careful about their consumption since we do not have enough data indicating any positive outcomes of cannabinoid consumption on your liver.

But, can Rick Simpson Oil cure your liver disease? Let’s jump into the details and discover more about the subject from a medical standpoint. Plus, we will also talk about some ways to improve your liver health.

Does RSO Or Cannabinoid Products Help To Solve Liver Damage?

Norah Terrault, MPH, MD, Director Of Viral Hepatitis Center at the University of California, San Fransisco, states in an interview with HCP Live that various cannabis products, including THC specific, CBD, and more. They add up to 60 different cannabinoids, making them a very heterogeneous product.

Then Norah Terrault proceeded to tell that she tells her patients that we have pretty limited data to help them inform patients about the safety, health risks, and health benefits of using Cannabis products. Plus, it’s a very active area of research. And even though it’s ‘sort of a natural product, even the medical professionals like herself are not always sure of what’s in that product exactly.

As for Norah, she states that she treats it like any other herbal supplement. So whenever her patients ask her about whether they should use these products for their liver, she tells them that it’s not a good thing because they don’t know whether the product will be pure or contaminated. Plus, many of those products have not been studied in the context of individuals suffering from liver disease.

All in all, her point-of-view is that we do not have enough data about potential benefits vs. harms.

However, there is some data regarding the Hepatitis C subject. Some publications and human studies and people with Hep C condition who use Marijuana products daily are more likely to develop fibrosis progression.

That is why Norah Terrault tells her patients to avoid using Marijuana products daily, only if they will use them. That’s because the data is more consistent regarding the development of Fibrosis Progression upon daily consumption.

Can You Use Marijuana Before Getting Your Liver Transplant?

That is something that people might consider when they have been moved to such an edge by their disease. In this case, one of the things that you should consider is the laws of your state.

If your state has more liberal laws, then using Marijuana won’t affect your chances of getting your name listed.

Which Oil Is Best For Liver?

According to “Liver Protective Effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil…” a research article at PubMed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps reduce fibrogenesis, hepatic steatosis, prevention of lipid peroxidation, and hepatocyte ballooning.

4 Ways To Repair Liver Damage

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol influences the chemicals used to break down and eliminate scar tissue. So what happens is that as scar tissue starts to build up, it replaces normal, healthy cells. It brings your liver closer to failure, which results in death.

In addition, potentially dangerous by-products are produced as Alcohol is broken down in the liver, such as acetaldehyde and free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules. These by-products cause insane damage to your liver.

Stop Eating Junk Food

If you are busy eating high amounts of junk food, you should probably reconsider your diet. Junk foods are usually juiced up with high amounts of refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, which damages your liver as Alcohol does.

Cut Out Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst ways to damage your liver, especially seeing how easily available.

Heavy smoking and the liver also suggest that smoking affects organs not directly related to the smoke itself. The prime example to support this claim is liver damage. That’s because smoking does not directly involve the liver, but it can seriously damage the organ in various ways.

Smoking causes three significant effects on your liver which include immunological effects, direct or indirect toxic effects, and oncogenic effects. It increases necroinflammation and fibrosis by yielding other chemical substances with cytotoxic potential.

It also helps pro-inflammatory cytokines produce at higher levels. And if you are not sure what pro-inflammatory cytokines are, then let us tell you that it’s involved in liver cell injury.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps you strengthen your body and keeps it in shape. When it comes to liver damage, then regular exercise can be extremely helpful. Exercise strengthens your body and keeps it fit, which helps in repairing liver damage.

It also boosts the effectiveness of your metabolism rate and helps in reducing stress. In addition, you can also consider opting for aerobic exercises that help reduce cholesterol levels and diabetes which are more likely to occur in the case of advanced liver disease.

Over To You

The liver plays a crucial role in our daily lives. That is why liver damage is one of the most painful experiences for people.

There are several ways to improve your liver health, including giving up smoking, quitting Alcohol, and doing exercise. However, some might also opt to consume Rick Simpson Oil or other cannabinoid products to cure their liver disease.

Regarding consuming cannabinoid products to cure your liver disease, medical experts such as Norah Terrault suggest that it’s an active area of research in we have pretty limited data on the subject. Hence, they treat it as one of the herbs and advise not to consume Marijuana products daily, only if they will consume them.


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