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What Is The Difference Between RSO And CBD Oil?

RSO and CBD are significantly different, even though they are derived from the same plant genus.

Rick Simpson Oil was made to treat skin cancer back in the 2000s. It is still used to cure some forms of cancer. On the other hand, CBD helps with disorders such as epilepsy but does not help in treating cancer.

People claim to have received outstanding and much-needed benefits resulting from the use of both oils. So, for the most part, anecdotal claims and a cult-like following are the factors behind the hype because science neither has something to prove nor something to challenge from these claims.

However, it is difficult for newbies to get things straight. Hence, we will dive into the details of how Rick Simpson Oil and Cannabidiol Oil are different from each other. What is Rick Simpson Oil exactly, and why is it illegal? And if it’s true that both are derived from the same plant genus, then what makes CBD Oil legal?

So without further ado, let’s start by discussing what Rick Simpson Oil is.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, Or Pheonix Tears has gained recognition for containing high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol.

But why does it matter?

Well, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the cannabinoid that causes the intoxicating effects of cannabis. It is one among the 100+ cannabinoids present in the Marijuana plant. It’s a psychoactive compound that, upon being smoked, makes people feel “high.”

Now, since the oil contains high levels of such a compound, it is considered illegal across many countries.

Despite its illegal status, the oil is backed by a cult-like following who use anecdotal claims as a reference to prove its efficiency in dealing with life-challenging diseases.

So, where did the oil come from? And if it has higher levels of THC, then what was the point of creating such an oil?

The oil is named after the person who first came up with the idea. Rick Simpson Oil was created in the 2000s when Rick Simpson tried to treat skin cancer on his neck and face. Hence, the oil came into being in an attempt to self-treat skin cancer. Much to the surprise of many, Rick Simpson Oil was able to remove the cancerous spots, allegedly.

Getting fascinated by its effects, especially after all medical treatment had failed, the Canadian man decided to use the oil to treat as many as 5000 patients.

As time progressed, RSO started gaining popularity as an adequate substitute to treat cancer patients.

A research paper from 2013 cites the case of a cancer patient. It was a 14-year-old girl who underwent standard medical procedures for cancer treatment. As a last resort, she was given Rick Simpson Oil. The oil did suppress the disease. However, the patient passed away.

Diseases That Rick Simpson Oil cures

Cancer is not the only disease that the oil can deal with. RSO is also used in treating conditions such as:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Multiple sclerosis
  3. Chemotherapy recovery
  4. Inflammation
  5. Insomnia
  6. Chronic pain
  7. Arthritis
  8. Depression
  9. Asthma
  10. High blood pressure.

But, here’s the twist. Rick Simpson did come up with the recipe behind this oil, but he is not selling it. Instead, he encourages people to make it on their own.

Rick Simpson Oil: Dosage & Consumption

RSO comes in syringes because of its thickness. Plus, it’s a highly psychoactive substance. Hence, be very careful regarding its dosage. Consider talking to a medical professional before you start using it.

You can use it topically, which is one of three ways the oil is consumed. In this case, you will be applying it over your skin. Hence, you can maintain stability, and you don’t get high. However, you can also place it under your tongue. It is said to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to use oil.

Some sources state that newbies should start with as tiny as half a grain of rice. But, you can also start with 1/4th of a drop.

The trick is to consume it after 8 hours. However, your need to consume Rick Simpson Oil will increase over time. Hence, those starting at 1/4th of a drop can go up at nine drops every 8 hours. Once you consume the oil, it can take about an hour to experience its psychoactive effects.

However, we highly recommend that you talk to a medical professional before you start consuming Rick Simpson Oil.

Benefits Of Using Rick Simpson Oil

  1. Reducing anxiety.
  2. Reducing depression.
  3. Helping with high blood pressure.
  4. Its psychoactive effects help to fall asleep.
  5. It helps to deal with inflammation.

Cannabidiol Oil

CBD is utilized for supporting health and wellness. You can consume CBD oil orally by putting a few droplets under the tongue. That way, Cannabidiol Oil diffuses into the blood vessels directly, or you can apply it topically as well.

Various Cannabidiol products contain Tetrahydrocannabinol at trace levels. Take the United Kingdom as an example. The oil is restricted to 1 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol levels per product container at max.

Since CBD oil has such trace levels of THC, the United States has federally legalized its consumption across all states if the CBD product contains THC levels less than 0.3%.

However, there are side effects of using Cannabidiol Oil, such as causing fatigue, and it might cause diarrhea as well.

Cannabidiol Oil: Doseage & Consumption

We understand the fact that CBD contains low levels of THC. But still, you need to stay careful when it comes to dosage and consumption. Therefore, you should ideally consult an expert on the subject. Generally, it is best to start by consuming lower amounts of CBD. But, consider talking to an authority, note everything carefully, and stay disciplined with the given guidelines for consumption.

Benefits Of Using CBD Oil

  1. CBD reduces anxiety.
  2. It reduces depression.
  3. Treating disorders such as epilepsy.
  4. Effective against symptoms of cancer.
  5. It effectively treats acne.

Significant Differences Between RSO & CBD Oil

Difference#1: RSO Is From Marijuana, Whereas CBD Oil Is From The Hemp Plant.

RSO is taken from marijuana, whereas CBD products are derived from the hemp plant. However, cannabis and hemp share the same plant genus known as “cannabis.”

Difference#2: RSO Is Highly Psychoactive Than CBD Oil.

RSO oil has higher levels of THC, making it highly psychoactive. On the other hand, CBD products are non-psychoactive due to limited amounts of THC.

Difference#3: RSO Is Illegal Whereas CBD Products Are Legal.

RSO oil does not hold legal status, whereas CBD products are legalized due to trace levels of THC.

Difference#4: RSO Is A Whole Plant Extract, Whereas CBD Is Not.

Rick Simpson Oil is a whole plant extract. On the contrary, CBD is a single cannabinoid, and its products vary.


To finish things off, Rick Simpson Oil and CBD products differ broadly from each other. While each serves a different purpose, the benefits of both seem to be just the same. Hence, they might be getting used to achieving the same goals.

However, Rick Simpson Oil’s use is considered illegal, whereas CBD products are completely legal and available to use. Keep in mind that there is just one thing that makes RSO illegal: high THC concentration.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main factor that is responsible for causing the intoxicating effect. Thus, having high amounts of such a substance does not set a very positive image.

However, people who are seriously considering using any of these products should consult an expert, first and foremost. Even CBD products have high levels of THC.


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