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Can I Eat And Vape Rick Simpson Oil?

There has been a lot of buzz about Rick Simpson Oil.

Innumerable articles and posts point to its effectiveness as a stellar substitute to fight cancer.

Indeed, some credible resources point out certain illnesses where Rick Simpson Oil delivers a robust performance when consumed as a medicine.

So, RSO is mainly consumed in three ways: Oral ingestion, sublingually, and topical application. It simply means that it is dropped directly on the tongue, or a few droplets are placed under it. Or it is applied over the skin.

However, now the queries of vaping the Rick Simpson Oil are being raised. And as different as it sounds, it is also getting pretty dangerous.

People who vape the oil are mixing brand-damaging substances to it. And it can get pretty wild.

With that said, let’s discuss our topic of the day: Can you eat and vape Rick Simpson Oil? Let’s find out.

A Brief Overview Of Rick Simpson Oil

As the name suggests, Rick Simpson Oil is an oil that is extracted from Cannabis. Washing buds of Cannabis produce the oil. But, instead of using water, solvents like pure light naptha are used. Once these buds are washed, the solvent is boiled, consequently leaving behind the oil.

Can I Eat Rick Simpson Oil?

Yes, you can eat Rick Simpson Oil. Just take a syringe and place 1/4th of a drop on your tongue if you are a beginner. It is called sublingual consumption, and it is one of the three ways in which the oil is consumed.

However, you can also orally ingest it by placing the drops directly on your tongue. Or, you can try mixing the oil with foods or beverages that you consume. However, taste and an expert’s advice are two of the most important things to consider before consuming the oil.

As for the taste, Rick Simpson Oil has a robust, earthy taste. Hence, mixing it with the food you are eating will not enhance the taste, for sure. Plus, placing its drops under your tongue isn’t going to help you either, as far as the taste is concerned.

As for the expert’s advice, it should be the first thing you do before you even consider consuming Rick Simpson Oil. The primary reason for that is the solid psychoactive effects of the oil. Hence, it is also used as a treatment for insomnia.

Lastly, Rick’s oil is also applied to affected areas of the skin. That is known as a topical application. And this is how it all began.

Rick Simpson was dealing with cancer on his face. He underwent all standard medical treatments to tackle the cancerous spots on his skin. But, when all else failed, he came up with oil. Upon its use, Rick saw his cancerous spots fade away. From there, he used the oil to treat as many as 5000 patients.

So, readers, that’s the oil we are talking about here, Rick Simpson Oil. As we said, it all began with the topical application.

Can I Vape Rick Simpson Oil?

Yes, you can vape RSO.

But, the devil’s in the details.

First of all, Rick Simpson Oil is thick. Like seriously thick. In fact, that’s the reason why it is contained in syringe barrels. Therefore, finding a vape pen can be a challenge that can deal with the oil’s thickness.

Secondly, you will have to use organic vegetable glycerin to thin down the oil.

Then, the challenge is to confront the ignorance that prevails in the domain of RSO consumption.

People are literally mixing toxic solvents like Butane with the oil. Butane is such a toxic solvent that its inhalation can lead to permanent brain damage resulting from asphyxia.

A mix of dangerous substances and inappropriate oil consumption can lead to severe damage and permanent illnesses.

That is why we never forget to emphasize the importance of consulting a medical professional before you consume Rick Simpson Oil.

Not only are they going to help you understand its appropriate consumption amount, but they can also tell you whether you should even consider consuming the standard version of the oil. That’s because some people are not Marijuana tolerant at all.

So, considering those dynamics, it is essential to stay careful, talk to the right people, and reduce the risks involved.

Over To You

Rick Simpson Oil started off with the topical application, but its use became much broader than just that. Today, people consume it in different ways. Some put a few drops directly on their tongue, while others consume it sublingually.

Despite its strong and ‘earthy’ taste, a considerable population uses it to tackle life-challenging situations such as insomnia.

But when it comes to vaping the substance, things are not all positive and straight. As we mentioned earlier, some people are mixing toxic substances with RSO. Hence, it is crucial to get educated on the subject before consuming it at any given level.


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