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Herb’s Incredible Journey to Beating Esophageal Cancer with Rick Simpson Oil

Herb’s journey is one of hope, courage, and perseverance. At 75 years old, he had been suffering from heartburn for some time when he went to the Veterans Administration emergency room on May 16th, 2021. Two days later, he received the devastating news: Herb had stage 3 esophageal cancer.

Determined to find a solution, Herb and his wife embarked on a journey of research and discovered the powerful potential of cannabis oil. They discovered the work of Dr. Mechoulam, the Godfather of Cannabis research, and learned that strong dosages of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) could decloak cancer cells, allowing the immune system to see, attack, and kill the cancerous cells.

Ordering a complete batch of RSO Oil from Julie, Herb began taking it immediately according to the instructions. Just four days after the upper endoscopy, he was assigned his oncologist, already under the influence of RSO Oil and with his spirits lifted.

RSO Oil Triumphs Over Standard Cancer Treatment

The standard treatment procedure for Herb’s cancer would involve chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and then surgery. However, he had already started taking RSO Oil and informed the doctor that he wanted it in his record. The treatments would last 30 days, and after their completion, another upper endoscopy was performed.

The results with cannabis oil, also known as medicine cannabis, were astounding. The physician doing the procedure informed Herb that he was tumor-free and advised him to keep doing whatever he was doing, i.e., taking cannabis oil. The physician had read Herb’s chart and was aware of the RSO Oil he was taking.

Hope Over Fear: Herb’s Decision to Bet on Life

Not content to just accept the good news, Herb sought a second opinion from a world-renowned cancer physician at Sloan Kettering in New York City. The physician explained that the standard operational procedure was chemo, radiation, and then surgery. However, Herb informed him that he had no tumor and questioned the necessity of surgery. The physician agreed that Herb did not need surgery but that it was better than possible death. Herb, however, wanted to bet on the 50% chance of survival without surgery.

Herb’s Journey to Healing and Hope

Back in Wisconsin, the immunology treatment began, and Herb continued taking RSO Oil. The RSO Oil was too bitter for Herb to take orally, so Julie recommended he take it as a suppository. This method proved successful, and Herb believes RSO Oil was the key to curing his illness.

“I continue to take microdose every night,” Herb says. “I have recommended RSO Oil to two others. One passed away while in hospice, and the other is in trial treatment at the hospital. I’m a believer in the power of RSO Oil and believe it saved my life.”

The Miracle of RSO Oil: Decloaking Cancer Cells

Dr. Rafael Mechoulam’s research has revealed that within the human body, the Cannabidiol system has CB1 and CB2 receptors, with CB1 dealing with the brain and CB2 dealing with the immune system. Cancer cells are cloaked, making it difficult to kill them because they cannot be seen. However, strong dosages of RSO Oil can decloak the cancer cell so that the immune system can see, attack, and kill the cancerous cells.

Herb’s experience is a testament to the effectiveness of RSO Oil in curing cancer. RSO Oil is derived from cannabis and is not legal in many parts of the world. However, the potential benefits of this oil cannot be denied, and it is time for governments to reconsider their stance on cannabis for medicinal use.

The Importance of Medicinal Cannabis

The potential benefits of medicinal cannabis cannot be ignored. RSO Oil is just one example of how cannabis can be used to treat illnesses. Studies have shown that cannabis can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

Herb’s journey is just one of many success stories involving the use of Rick Simpson Oil to combat a wide range of ailments. There are numerous testimonials from people who have benefited from the use of this potent cannabis oil formula, including those suffering from skin cancer, throat cancer, anxieties, and more. If you want to learn more about the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil, check out some of these testimonials by clicking the link below. You might be surprised at just how effective this natural remedy can be!


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